Monday, June 27, 2011

It Gets Worse

I'm not normally a Daily Kos reader, but I happened to click on this link, and decided to share. I like the title's play on the "It Gets Better" campaign.

It. Gets. Worse.

You've got "the sky is falling."  You're telling people that same sex marriage will destroy things.   We've got Vermont.
And New Hampshire.
And Massachusetts.
And Connecticut.
And Iowa.
(Yes, Iowa).
And New York.
And we've got those states as examples of places where same-sex marriage is not only legal, but where it's just there, and soon enough will fade into the background.  No one seems to be confused these days when I fill out forms indicating my status as "married" and have a woman's name listed as my spouse. 
QFT. Read the whole thing.

Your Gathering Storm leader

Friday, June 24, 2011

We Are Family!

Congratulations, New York! Look for a recall against the republicans who had the strength to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Minnesota will be voting whether to go backward and ban gay marriage, which is already illegal under state law. If it's really about letting the people decide, make the amendment yes or no to legalizing gay marriage. Just sayin'.

Maybe by the time The Spinoff is old enough, if he's gay he'll be able to choose a partner based on love, like his parents and grandparents did.

Celebrate your Pride this weekend. It should be a doozy!

Your Fabulous For a Day leader