Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thanks for the Memories

Machiavelli would be proud. The Right would like to poo-poo our former connections to Hussein (may he rest in flame and pineapples up his ass), but I'm more worried about which future despot we're propping up right now. (Thanks to Dad for the link)

Kites may fly in Pakistan again. Hopefully they aren't attatched to nukes.

A TV evangelist sued for lying? That's like suing a bear for shitting in the woods. Or the Pope for shitting in the woods. I can never remember which.

This is the best quote:

(The evangelist) says in a book that Mr Perry was cured of his cancer, without mentioning that he died of it 18 months ago, it adds.
He died of completely unrelated causes. It was god's will, you know.

Listen. Prayer doesn't heal anything. There are studies that show that prayer is actually worse than not praying at all. Faith is no excuse for stupidity.

Your Easing Into the New Year leader.

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