Thursday, December 28, 2006

There Will Be No Encore

Just a quick shout-out to LappDogg, who has moved over from LiveJournal. He tried to do it stealthily, but I made my spot check. Now he has to explain the web address. What's a Tosscobble? Unless he's been throwing paving stones lately.

I got Rome through Netflix. What a great show. It follows the rise of Gaius Julius Caesar and those around him, including two common soldiers. The DVDs are great because there's a pop-up feature that gives background about what's going on and the political ramifications of the characters' actions. I've only watched 4 episodes, and I'm hooked.

Sadly, Gerald Ford died. He was a great man, inventing the automobile and all that. Ha. Seriously, though, I hear he liked watching football and drinking beer. And also nachos.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas! (Please Don't Shoot)

Well, the War Against Christmas is almost over for another year. And while I hate to keep using tactics of the Right, they are just so good. Like pointing out Americans may use a little torture, but in Iraq they just cut people's heads off, so there's nothing wrong with us. Think there's a War on Christmas here in America? Well you can sell a Christmas tree here without the threat of being blown up. Yeah, you American Christians are really oppressed here.

Here's a cute picture of the Hillock.

That was right before a visit from Santa Cthulu, who brings Unspeakable Horror and presents to children on Cephalopodmas Eve!

I hope everyone had an Eldritch Cephalopodmas, and has a Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hey, Miss Murder

Just in time for Christmas ...

He looks just like the lead singer of AFI. Or Robert Smith.

By the way, I graduated the Academy last week. I've already gotten into a slow speed chase. Life is good.

Just so you know, Keith Ellison was born in Michigan. I'm no fan of Islam, or any religion for that matter. I just wish people would realize the hypocrisy in calling for people to conform to "American Values," when the 1st American Value is freedom. To steal a page from the right-wing handbook, if you don't like immigration, feel free to leave America and find yourself a country that doesn't let in outsiders.

Oh, the irony hurts so bad!

Continuing the War on Christmas, Fecke tells us the real reason for the season. Does everyone have their Saturnalia orgy planned? If so, shoot me an invite, bitte.

Technically, the Vikings aren't eliminated from the playoffs. Technically, I could one day be President. Good luck to both of us.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hate; Give 'Em What they Want

Since I like torturing myself, I listen to AM1280 The Patriot a lot. Michael Medved is a favorite of mine, since he's a movie critic who isn't told to shut up on issues outside of his professional purview like those whose work he critiques are. Anyway, he was discussing which political candidates for President scare him the most. Al Gore, whom he called "deranged" was his pick, but he also mentioned Barack Obama.

Apparently, Obama's middle name is Hussein. It's a fact that Medved brought up as a "revelation" to Americans. Medved added that people knowing that Obama's middle name is the same as a former Iraqi dictator wouldn't really affect anything. He then managed to mention Barack "Hussein" Obama at least twice more in casual conversation.

Quick; what are the middle names of your senators?

Medved knows that tying Obama to Sadaam Hussein, even if it's only by name, will cause a part of the population to rethink voting for the man. He knows this, and that's why he mentioned Obama's middle name several times for no obvious reason. But that's right-wing radio. Make your opponent look bad by playing on the fears of Americans, and then claim that it's really "The Left" who thinks poorly of America.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let the Battle Begin

It's time again to ramp up the War on Christmas. Here are your marching orders.

It's too cold for anything else.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

OK. So, my last post was about tasering. Since then, I have been clocked while engaging in the Sweet Science. I also was tear-gassed. I love my job.

Of all I've been through in the Academy, if I were forced to pick one to do again, it would be the taser by a long shot. I'd take that over some of the PT we had to do, for that matter. The tear-gas wasn't terrible, but it really sucks for about 2 minutes, until you can get some fresh air and catch your breath. Mind you, we were in an enclosed trailer and had to take off our masks. I imagine it's a little more bearable in an open area. Still not my idea of a fun Saturday night, though.

I graduate in 8 days, and I couldn't be happier.

Actually, I could be happier, had I never seen this:

Yes - That is indeed 2 Caribou Coffee stores right next to each other. It's up in C**n Rapids (P.C. Police Note: We don't like the name of that city. You have been edited and warned!!!) To be fair, there was an old store there, and it's expanding. This is how I picture Seattle, except with Starbucks instead.

Unfortunately, I may not make it back to Drinking Liberally for a while, so if any of you read this, I've not abandoned you. I'm just stuck working Thursday nights for a while. I'll get back as soon as possible.

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