Friday, June 20, 2008

Honeymoon Part 1: London, England

Well, we're still married, even after 8 days together. I don't have any wedding pictures yet, at least not in digital form. So here are some pics from London.

Yeah, that set the tone for the whole honeymoon.

I waited for David Tennant to step out of this thing for 20 minutes, then remembered that he travels in a blue police box.

Aren't we just adorable? (Don't worry. There are only about 10 pictures that actually have us in them, and only 2 more with both of us.)

The Rosetta Stone, at the British Museum. Did you know that most of the museums in London are free? You could spend days seeing all kinds of cool stuff without spending anything more than airfare.

Me with various antiquities. I'm thinking of growing a beard on the advice of that Assyrian sphinx on the right.

Big Stone Head is angry!
Garuda to the rescue!

This is the oldest working clock in the world, located in Salisbury Cathedral. (Not pictured: the flashing "12:00.")
The Affiliate and I right after the ritual human sacrifice at Stonehenge (Motto: The best Henge in the world)
The hills on the horizon are in Wales. If you look closely, you can see all of the sheep running in terror.

At the Tower of London, The Affiliate realizes she is sorely under-dressed.

This was our hotel lobby. We are, after all, classy people.

Paris pictures to come soon.

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