Sunday, August 17, 2008

He Are The Champions

Well, I can't say it better than Mark Spitz, but Michael Phelps is the greatest swimmer of all time. Way to go, and a big atta boy/girl to the rest of the U.S. swimmers, who brought in 29 medals, including 10 golds. As it stands now, the U.S. has 17 gold medals, and 8 of them belong to one guy. Almost half. Amazing.

There's nothing cooler than sitting in a bar full of people who erupt in cheers as an American swimmer wins the 100 meter butterfly by 1/100 of a second. To put it in perspective, it took you a lot longer than 1/100of a second to read this post to this point. So think about that.

Anyway, the Canadian women lost a hard fought soccer match to the American squad, so GO U.S.A.!

Your Luch Time is Over leader.

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