Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm Through Humoring You

I'm watching the Twins attempt to beat Oakland as I type this, so there may be interruptions.

In Monty Pythonesque fashion, Minnesota has gone from winter, to a short spring then straight into autumn. I'm enjoying the cool temps, but a little summer would be nice come July at the folks' place.

They found the tail section of Flight 447. The story I linked doesn't say it, but a radio report said they are close to finding the "black boxes." The term black box is, of course, not literal. There is more than one flight recorder. Also, they aren't necessarily black. "Black box" is a catch all term, and really shouldn't be plural. It's either "flight recorders" or "black box." Of course, aviation professionals are more than welcome to call me an idiot on this.

It's been an expensive week for me. The Affiliate and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary by eating way too much steak at Manny's steak house. We got a free piece of Bailey's Irish Cream cake because we were celebrating, which was cool because we had Irish Cream cake at the wedding. When I say piece of cake, I'm not really capturing the size of the "piece" we got.

I'll also give praise to our server, Rhett. He was entertaining and assured the Affiliate that Lois the Lobster, who was brought to our table, would not be served as dinner that evening.

I also had to pick up the Affiliate's birthday present, since that's at the end of the month. I need to donate to her 3-Day Walk as well. And I'm headed to Chicago Friday to catch a couple of games at Wrigley Field.

Mauer gets a single to left! Rally time! Come on, Morneausie!

Here's a commercial with another guy I know in the entertainment business. He's covered in snakes! His name is Alex Holmes, and apparently he's going to be on something called "iCarly" on Saturday, if you're interested.

Not that TV appearances are that helpful. There was a storyline on "Scrubs" this last year involving Ted getting a girlfriend, played by Kate Miccuci. The two sang a song that I thought was very cute. I also had heard of "Garfunkel & Oates," a name that I found amusing. I had never seen any videos from them, though. Of course, it wasn't until today I learned that Miccuci is part of G&O, and the song in "Scrubs" was a modified version of their song, "Fuck You." (Video not safe for work, and if you didn't figure that out you need to quit using the internet right now.)

Double play. No rally.

Conservatives are easily grossed out
. Not that most people like maggots. Well, entomologists, maybe.

Twins lose. Again.

Your Busy leader.


Mark Gisleson said...

Raw Story is saying that there were two very high profile anti-intl. arms dealer folks on that plane. That's all they know, but international arms dealers are the sort of people who would deal with a problem this way.

Anonymous said...

Gee wedge, thanks for the analysis. Coming from a well traveled bon vivant such as yourself I'm sure Interpol sat up and took notice.....

Stooj, congratulations on the anniversary, but why you got to rub sand in the eyes of all those poor Castro street wretches suffering the triple tyranny of history, common sense and human biology?

The very least you could have done was to forgo the Bailey's Irish Cream cake in a show of solidarity. ;-)

DiscordianStooge said...

Bon vivant? What is that, French?

Hey, the cake was brought out as a surprise. It would have been rude not to eat it.

Nice to see you're not afraid to use your moniker anymore, though.

Anonymous said...

"Nice to see you're not afraid to use your moniker anymore, though."

Yeah, me too.

I think everyone is breathing a little easier since the Big Blue gang has finally wreaked enough havoc to prompt a bit of a crackdown on them.

Honest citizens really needed a break.