Sunday, April 25, 2010

As If In A Dream, The One And Only V

Ugh. The DFL continues to show it doesn't want to win. I'm still waiting for the DFL to explain how a bill passed 125-9 was sucessfully vetoed. Sure, all the repubs ran away. Who were they? Why haven't they been asked over and over why they changed their votes? MAK has had trouble with the repubs when she had a clear majority. How will she handle them in a straight-up election? She's shown me nothing that says she can win, and plenty to say she can't.

It's hard to believe religious conservatives want to remove Thomas Jefferson from history books. It would make it easier for people like Sarah Palin to lie.

Prof. Stephen Hawking warns against communication with aliens. He's right about the odds of something being out there. Where he's wrong is saying not to explore because the aliens might be unfriendly and destroy us. (Also, he is just regurgitating the plot of "Independence Day" and the tv show "V." See what I did with my post title, now?)

We are humans. What we do is explore. There's always been a segment of society who said, "Don't cross that river, there are monsters on the other side." The maps with sea monters and "Here there be dragons" (Should I warn you of the horror of that link? Nah.) put on to discourage exploration. And there are always people who ignore it.

Prof. Hawking uses a Columbus analogy, saying we would be like the aboriginal Americans being invaded by the aliens. Possibly. Or we could be Columbus, finding a beautiful new world for humanity out among the stars. Maybe we could even do a better job of not virtually wiping out any inhabitants on that new world.

Either way, fear is a poor excuse not to explore.

Besides, if angry aliens do come to steal our water, we can use it against them with ... The Homeopathy Bomb! (Yay!)

Ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do? (NSFW) Or, clearly, don't, because you suck.

I've pretty much given up on the idea that I'll post Italy pictures. That involves work.

Your Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before leader.


Swiftee said...

Stool, you lefties need to put some suspenders on those panties; you're squirting tears for nothing.

There isn't a single Democrat candidate running that has an ice cube's chance in hell of winning.

The morons that voted for Hopey/Changey, but aren't regular Victory gin and kool-aid guzzling moonbats feel like crap now, and the kids that voted cuz it was teh kewl last time are still recuperating from the strain of getting up off their asses last time.

Nope, this time around, you’re stuck trying to convince regular people that the DFL isn’t the Democrat party...good luck with that.

Swiftee said...

Oh, and re: "What Would Jesus Do?"

Why don't you tools just get together for a big circle jerk while watching PZmeyers poke consecrated hosts up his arse...get it out of your you all some good.

Or maybe grow up.

DiscordianStooge said...

What's wrong with saying Jesus is better than everybody?

Jeez, you christian conservatives have no sense of humor at all.