Monday, July 19, 2010

Suaimhneas Síoraí

I've dealt with a lot of crime victims. I've spoken with family members and friends of people who have been murdered. I've never been one of those people before. Unfortunately, things change.

Growing up, my family spent a week at Gull Lake near Brainard every summer. We usually spent that week with The Malickis. Kristy was my brother's age. Her brother Barry is my age. Denny and Mary were close friends of my parents. (That's the weird thing in the news stories. I didn't know his name was Clyde. He's always gone by Denny, his middle name, I'm told.)

A lot of my childhood memories are from up at Gull Lake. I remember little things. My parents and Denny and Mary playing cards at night, drinking Jungle Juice (Apparently a lemonade/vodka drink). Cruising around Gull Lake in the big blue speed-boat we called the "Blue Baby," but that Denny would never officially name, listening to the Statler Brothers on 8-track. Playing mini-golf. Taking the boat to Taco Tuesdays.

I can't imagine what Barry is going through. I can't imagine how I would feel if I lost my whole family.

Suaimhneas Síoraí is an Irish phrase that translates as "Eternal Peace." We often wish peace to the dead, but I'd like to wish peace to the living. Barry, Kathleen Dorgan and Kathleen McHugh and all of their family and friends who will be missing Denny, Mary and Kristy. Hopefully they will find a way through this tragedy.

I wish I could write something profound and interesting, but I can't. Please do what you do to help those who have lost loved ones.

*Update* This says it right.

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dog gone said...

I'm so sorry Stooj for your loss of old friends. And of course my heart goes out to the family for their loss.

I imagine that it is a blessing, if a small one for the elderly mother not to really understand what has happened. How tragic, how traumatic, for the rest of the family. Prayers for all.