Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alia Iacta

I made a joke last week that Bigfoot is real, and clearly a ghost, which is why there is no evidence for him.

Someone is listening in on my conversations

Off to Venezia tomorrow, then Rome and Neopolis. It'll be nice to be out of touch for a week. (Not really. Our hotel in Rome has free Wi-Fi. Oh well.)

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Now Put Your Hands Up!

The Olympics are over! I'm finally free!

Does anyone know where I can watch a random cross-country skiing race?

The biggest hoax of the 20th Century is finally debunked. Proof that the Titanic never sank. One point:
The bottom of the sea is a messy place. Whales die there and their skeletons become home for all sorts of stuff. Have you seen a whale? They’re huge, especially the huge ones. Imagine one of those possibly killed by one of those stealth CO2 emitting volcanoes that no-one’s found yet. Yet amongst all this there’s supposed to be a ’shipwreck’. Against the vast majesty of nature, isn’t a tiny bit arrogant to assume that man could do anything noticeable on the sea-bed?
Let's find the purveyors of this nonsense and make sure they're brought to justice.

A dating tip for women, courtesy of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It is 100% true.

Use it wisely.

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