Wednesday, March 14, 2007

By the Moon and the Stars in the Sky

Just a quick question for my blogger friends with more skill at digging these things up - Anyone think they can find when Newt Gingrich repeatedly said that he had, under oath, never had an affair? Ian Punnit mentioned it this morning. He thought it was on "Meet the Press" a while back, or one of the morning shows, probably within the last 2 years. Gingrich was asked if he was having an affair during the Clinton scandal, and Gingrich said that he had answered the question in a deposition during his divorce - under oath - and the answer was no.

Which would mean that he lied about an affair under oath.

Anyone have the time and inclination?

Your Take the Ball and Run leader.


DAV said...

It matters little. Conservatives go for people who talk a good show, but don't actually do what they advocate. This apparently goes for the whole not bangin' dirty sluts thing too...

tom said...

His wife isn't a big fan of his, stating that she didn't think he should be president five years before the divorce. See if she ever speaks on the record, and if she does, send her a note.

Or ask MNObserver.