Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So He Danced A Jig And Lit A Cig

I've been honored with a spot on the Kool-Aid Report Blogroll! I guess all of those links and my brief support of Bacon for President have finally paid off. He said I'm funny, which is either an obvious sign of mental deficiency on his part or proof that Conservatives have no sense of humor. He also claimed I am "frequently blasphemous," which is patently false; I am always blasphemous. But I am made to feel welcome nonetheless, even as one of a token two.

One staple of KAR is the fisking of letters. It's something I have often wanted to attempt. I figured I would be viewed as a pretender to the LearnedFoot throne of fisking. Also, I'm pretty lazy and often forget to fisk when I get home from work. I might give it a shot in the near future, though. I've even been working on an "EPIC FAIL" picture.

I'm starting a new blog label today; International Affairs. This will probably be the only post to use it.

Let us turn our attention to Bhutan, the Last Shangri-la. A small landlocked country in the Himalaya with a kick-ass flag, Bhutan is not well known to most folk. It's a country that measures happiness as more important than GDP (Which makes its lesser-known status surprising, especially amongst my fellow lefties). A country that inspired T.D. Mischke into song (whence I got today's post title). A country whose king forced his people into democracy. Well, technically, the former king. See, current King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck is the son of Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Singye Wangchuck called for democratic elections before abdicating the throne last year. Khesar, who is the world's youngest head of state, agreed with dad, and the elections were just held.

The people weren't really that happy about the election. They seemed to be just fine with the way things were. They like their kings. Apparently the Wangchuck Dynasty has been more than adequate. They elected an overwhelmingly royalist parliament. Which seems to be the right choice. It's not often that a king calls for his people to take more power. It's the sign of a good leader, at least in my book. So not much will change for now. At least until China decides that Bhutan's land belongs to the People (of China).

On a side note, Bhutan is a great answer if your drinking game "Categories" ever comes around to "Countries in Asia." East Timor is another answer that will amaze your wasted friends.

So now you know the current affairs of Bhutan. Kind of.

Your Token Liberal leader.

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