Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Goes On In the Other One's Head?

Whiskey drinker and notoriously Welsh guy DAV has picked up on my new game, before I even announced it. The game is to name the song that my post title comes from. Of course, not every title is a song lyric, but since most are, this should work. The game comes from a post from a while back that I never bothered to give the answers for, and my short lived attempt to identify the source of my titles. This is easier. Every post, answer in the comments. (If you listen to new "alternative" music, today's shouldn't be too hard)

I rode my bike down to the DMV to get my DL and my tabs renewed. The irony of this is not lost on me.

I just spent 15 minutes reading old posts of mine, looking for a specific link. Didn't find it, but damn do I find my old shit amusing.

I stumbled upon a free publication at Bobby & Steve's the other day. One headline touted the media refusal to cover Barack Obama's communist ties. The other headline touted the media refusal to cover John McCain's mob ties. I was intrigued.

After reading further, I thought USA Tomorrow made World Net Daily look like responsible journalism. (That was my money line) After checking the website, besides needing to purge my browser history, I also noticed that many of the articles were written by WND writers. (Damn them for ruining my joke!) Like this one, titled "Homosexodus! Students Flee Forced 'Gay' Agenda." Turns out that teachers can no longer discriminate against gay students in California. While I'm surprised that this law is new, I don't really think it's "mandated homosexual indoctrination" as the writer calls it. Points for the portmanteau "Homosexodus," though.

Then there's this article claiming women are destroying the military and the English language. I think. He took too long to get to the point in his nearly 2,500 word comment. Besides several sentence fragments that could have used some fixing, he seemed to use English perfectly well, despite women's assaults. But the article is called "Women and War," and not until 6 paragraphs in is war mentioned. Then he brings out the old complaints about how wives and mothers shouldn't fight wars. He seems to think Israel's military sucks, which is not an assertion I hear often. He also asks a question;
First, go to the movies. See “Midway.” See “We Were Soldiers,” or “Saving Private Ryan.” There are many others. Pick one. And consider that those movies are just a pale reflection of what war is really like. Then look at the women you know. Could you imagine the women you know doing that?
Some, yes. Same with the guys I know. I'd like Mr. Stang to tell a couple of my female partners that they couldn't do it to their faces, and see how that turns out for him.

Anyway, it goes on like that. I can't recommend that you read this site, but I'm not warning you until now, after I've put a few links in, not to, so that shows what kind of guy I am.

Yep. That would be an asshole who wants to see you suffer as much as I have tonight.

Your Who's Laughing Now? leader.


DAV said...

yeah..................back in the day playing that old first person shooter/ medeval game Heretic, with Throwing Copper on the CD player.

The last time I drank Whiskey was with you after Walz's FISA vote in 2007 at DL. Sometimes the hardest of epiphanies call for drastic boozing.

My schedule is a bit busy right now, but we should probably have a repeat at some point.

DiscordianStooge said...

I'm always up for it.