Monday, December 29, 2008

Put One Foot On The Trunk, Keep One Foot On The Floor

Jon Swift is the best conservative writer on the internet. I think everyone knows this. So it is an honor that he gives us 9th tier "bloggers" a bone at the end of the year with his "Best Blog Posts of 2008 (As Choosen By The Bloggers Themselves)."

My submission was an attempt to out-Spotty Spotty by taking on a Katherine Kersten column on video games. It seems almost bittersweet to read it now that she's been shit-canned.

Last year
, the submissions were alphabetical by blog, putting mine near the top. Unfortunately, alphabetical listing "required constantly consulting the alphabet," so this year he listed them in the order they were received. Since I pored over my blog looking for that post with just the right mix of meaning and humor, I got in late, so I'm down near the bottom. Oh, well.

I suggest checking out the list and reading a few of the blogs. Many are pretty damn good.

Your Better Than 10th Tier leader.

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