Saturday, November 25, 2006

She Dropped Her Shoes When She Fell Down

UCLA Cops Gone Wild!

It just so happens that the day after Spotty sent me this video, I got tasered. (On a side note, Spotty, could you send me video of a guy getting ... oh, never mind). Getting tasered sucks. A lot. It doesn't hurt, though. It's like a full-body muscle spasm for 5 seconds. As soon as it's done. it's done. No residual effects outside of the continuing adrenaline rush. I'd "ride the buffalo" 100 times before choosing to get maced again.

Having said all of this, the cops up there were just wrong. For one, you can't stand up while being tasered. Telling someone to do so is just stupid. Tasers are to be used to incapacitate someone so the officers can take control, not to get someone to do something. Once the person is in custody, the taser is no longer neccessary. Luckily, tasers have the ability to record their use, so the officers got some 'splainin' to do.

This was misuse of a tool by officers. This should not be a demonization of the Taser. Tasers save lives by giving officers another option of force. Officers routinely use Tasers in deadly force situations. Often, a person tasered is a person not shot.

So again, getting tasered sucks. But it's a lot better than being shot. These cops did wrong, and should be held accountable.

Your Electricity leader.

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