Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You Miss a Beat, You Lose the Rythm

OK. I'm finally recovered from the Vikings-Patriots game. The Affiliate managed to conceal her glee that Tom Brady is her Fantasy football QB. She's still in last place. Serves her right.

Also, the Affiliate is on a 3-day hiatus from work, before starting her new job next week. She'll now be waking up at the same time as I. Oh, joy!

This should have been her Halloween costume. Scream in terror. It's Darth Amortize!!!!!!!

Striking fear into the hearts of children. Especially those dark and evil Buddhists. Just because their fairytale is different than yours doesn't mean you can't play nice. Quote: "I welcome the pressures because then we can put God's agenda on the forefront and actually have a dialogue about it," Comer said. Yes, condemning anyone who doesn't believe as you do is a great dialogue. I hereby state that anyone who believes that there is a God will end up in Candy-Unicorn-Puppydog land, no matter how many millions they steal, people they kill, or puppies they kick. (The puppy kickers are strongly urged not to enter the puppydog section of Candy-Unicorn-Puppydog Land) Non-believers will still be sent to nothing, which will continue to not bother them in the least.

But even scarier to kids, some men love other men! Look, if kids are smart enough to figure out step-siblings and 4 sets of grandparents, they can figure out Aunt Claire and Aunt Melanie living together. It's really not a big deal.

Tomorrow, the DiscordianStooge endorsements.

Your Darth Hello kitty leader.

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