Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gotta Get Me Some of that Jelly Doughnut

I was able to catch the 2nd "Last Concert" of 3 Minute Hero last night at the Fine Line. It's a local ska band that played back in the late 90's, when there was such thing as ska bands. They broke up in 2000, and as I recall I was only able to see them play once or twice, being as I was under 21 at the time.

It brought me back to my college days, and also reminded me of how much fun a ska concert can be. The opening band was called Chicken Poodle Soup. Apart from being shocked that a ska band actually formed in 2004 (I thought they were banned after 1999), they were also pretty good.

I'm not a big nostalgia guy, but sometimes it gets me.

Your Horns Standing By leader.


rew said...


I miss my buddys old band Ruskabank.

Good times

MNObserver said...

My daughter LOVES Chicken Poodle Soup.

Now I feel really really old.

DiscordianStooge said...

It's good to hear ska may still be breathing.

DAV said...

I love Ska....You should take da wife and me next time.