Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Sun Is Burning In The Sky

My title today comes from a discussion with Mark about what folk music is. I could have gone with "Tom Dooley," but I decided against it.

As The TK LappDogg pointed out in the comments a bit back, The MN Swarm season is back on. Its home schedule will be released as soon as they contact their fans and find out when they can show up. (Joke courtesy of the Pioneer Press' "The Loop")

Anyway, my real point today is a quick overview of TV this year. At least the shows I watch.

Mon: "How I Met Your Mother" has been coupled with a good partner, "The Big Bang Theory." If you're a mid-twentys aged nerd, you really need to watch this stuff. "Heroes" is boring this year but not as bad as the critics keep saying. I'm really digging "Journeyman" as a new "Quantum Leap," with a little less camp factor. "Prison Break" and "K-Ville" are another good match, although "Prison Break" is still saddled with the problem of trying to get a guy out of prison on a timeline, but not too quickly. Anthony Anderson on "K-Ville" is awesome, as usual.

Tues: Only "The Unit" on Tuesday. I'm mostly upset that they changed the theme song from the old running cadence to something more mysterious. Still a solid show.

Wed: "Bionic Woman" is watchable for now, but I can see it getting old quickly. At least, outside of the watching Michelle Ryan. That won't get old for many years. "Life," on the other hand, is the most compelling new show this year for me. The writing and humor are sharp, and the characters are well acted. Adam Arkin is welcome in any TV show, as far as I'm concerned. Also, NBC has put two British actors playing Americans in main roles in successive shows, which I find interesting.

Thurs: NBC's comedy block has gotten stale. (Note: I don't watch "30 Rock.") On the other hand, "The Office" is still funnier than most shows, and "My Name is Earl," when it's funny, rivals "The Office." "Earl" just happens to miss more often than it hits. "Scrubs" just came back, so we'll see if it stays funny. "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy" are now the same show. How long until "Anatomy" has no original cast members left" I give it 4 years. I'm also still watching "Smallville," but don't ask me why. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" continues to be the most offensively funny show on TV. Seriously, those guys make the "Seinfeld" characters look like saints.

Fri: I decided to try out "Moonlight," and I'll stick with it as long as my DVR doesn't get too backed up. Vampire detective hot for non-vampire tabloid reporter. We all know the story.

Sat: "Torchwood" is an impressive "Doctor Who" spin-off. There have been some very good episodes, and the whole mythology is intriguing, at least for a sci-fi guy like me.

I'll ignore Sunday, because the Fox "Animation Domination" hasn't changed a lick.

That's all.

Your Too Much TV leader.

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