Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing Lasts Forever, Even Cold November Rain

As I write this, there is ice falling from the sky. Which I believe is a sign of the Apocalypse. But before I repent, I will double check.

Nope, no ice. It's atheism for another night, at least.

I got the stinky meat smell out of my car. It took a lot of Febreze, some Oust and a liberal amount of vinegar. Of course, my jumper cables have gained sentience, but I'm hoping that will pass in a few days.

Wait a minute, talking jumper cables ... nope, no mention in the bible. Still OK.

Our Katie (c. Spotty) is enraged about religion in schools. Shocked? Don't be. It's only because it's an Islamic school.

Of course, I agree with her. The school is obviously supporting religion, and specifically Islam. Since it's a public school, it's wrong. But of course, we dangerous atheist lefties support the Muslim hordes and only hate Christians, so we'll ignore this. Oh, wait.

Well, OK. But where's the ACLU, which goes after every little bit of Christianity? Why isn't the ACLU upset about this religion in public schools? Um, never mind.

I'll spend some more time looking for hypocrisy that proves that Christians are the only group discriminated against in this country. Being on the KAR blogroll brings responsibility, after all.

Anyway, until Katie decides that religion in public schools is wrong, not just the religions she doesn't like, I'll continue to ridicule her. Because she is really worthless. Honestly, Star Tribune, hire Cap'n Fishsticks as a columnist, or maybe Mitch Berg. Someone who can come up with an original idea, not just copy from other right-wingers. Someone who can get off of politics for 5 seconds and write about the community without making it into an anti-left screed. (Not swifteeeeeeee, obviously.)

Here's a Google-bomb for Katherine Kersten. Or maybe swiftee. I haven't decided. Hell, let's do both! (Not safe for work)

Your Lincoln Workout leader.


Mberg said...


I'm curious - where has Kersten advocated religion in schools?

School choice, yes. Uncorking over religious-affiliated student groups being able to use school facilities, perhaps. But - and this is a serious question - where has she advocated for a judeochristian equivalent of TIZA?

As for me writing for the Strib - sheesh, what did I ever do to you?


(Oh, I know. Thanks).

DiscordianStooge said...

Well, vouchers are part of it, but perhaps I've overinflated her abstinence-only views. Or, maybe, I've extrapolated her ideas from the many things she's written, which I probably shouldn't do.

Hey, I'm saying you're a better writer than Kersten.

Big Daddy Malcontent said...

I prefer this version: