Sunday, April 06, 2008

Off The Beaten Path I Reign

My car had been smelling funny for the past week. As I was getting my oil changed and a car wash, I thought I'd clean out the inside of my car. And since my trunk was full of worthless junk, I thought I do some spring cleaning and empty that as well.

That's when I found the venison. I had been wondering where the venison my dad gave me at Christmas had gone. Two mysteries solved. I didn't notice anything because it had been cold enough to keep the meat frozen, up until this week.

If you know how to get rotten meat smell out of a car, please contact me.

Michelle Bachman has found a new cause; Compact Flourescent lightbulbs. I must admit, I use CFL in most of my lights. I have since moving in 2005. I haven't changed a CFL bulb in my house since then, so I'd say they have a decent lifespan. Bachman's argument isn't about lifespan, however, it's about danger to your health.

I've heard her talk about these bulbs on the radio, and the way she describes them leaves me thinking that she isn't going far enough. If these bulbs are as dangerous as she claims, she is being lax in not calling for an outright ban on the things. She's made the claim that a hazmat team is needed to clean up after a broken bulb. Of course, her version of the danger is widely exaggerated. It's what we've come to expect from the Representative.

I will add that I don't think incandescent bulbs should be banned. There's no point. Most people will phase out the use of these bulbs as time goes on, and a ban on incandescents will keep the price on CFLs higher. However, I find the Right's sudden evironmental concerns confusing. CFL mercury is bad, but damned if we will try and reduce mercury emissions by reducing coal burning. Let's get on the right page, folks, and not just attack anything that Al Gore happens to support.

Your What's That Smell? leader


Arias said...

Heh, you have stinky meat.

Spot said...

Offhand, Stooge, I think that five gallons of gasoline and a match are the best solution.

DiscordianStooge said...

Arias; Yes, but that's not the issue of this post. Oh, wait.

Spot; That sounds expensive, what with the price of gas these days.

MNObserver said...

Mr. MNO says that you need to pose this question to the Car Talk guys.

DiscordianStooge said...

I'll try and call in during the third half of the show.