Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He Was Not A Number! He Was A Free Man!

Patrick McGoohan 1928-2009

I first saw McGoohan as King Edward I in "Braveheart." Then "The Simpsons" did the most bizarre episode I had ever seen, which turned out to be a play on "The Prisoner," which became one of the more bizarre TV shows I had ever seen.

Your Be Seeing You leader.


Mark said...

Thanks. I wanted to post an R.I.P., then remembered I wasn't blogging anymore.

Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

I forgot my RIP as well. And who would have guessed that Mr. Rourke was eight years older than Number 6?

Ironically, McGoohan played the warden in "Escape From Alcatraz."

And Ricardo Montalban appeared in the "Planet of the Apes" series of movies as well as the "Star Trek" series.

The world mourns.