Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hey, Miss Murder

Just in time for Christmas ...

He looks just like the lead singer of AFI. Or Robert Smith.

By the way, I graduated the Academy last week. I've already gotten into a slow speed chase. Life is good.

Just so you know, Keith Ellison was born in Michigan. I'm no fan of Islam, or any religion for that matter. I just wish people would realize the hypocrisy in calling for people to conform to "American Values," when the 1st American Value is freedom. To steal a page from the right-wing handbook, if you don't like immigration, feel free to leave America and find yourself a country that doesn't let in outsiders.

Oh, the irony hurts so bad!

Continuing the War on Christmas, Fecke tells us the real reason for the season. Does everyone have their Saturnalia orgy planned? If so, shoot me an invite, bitte.

Technically, the Vikings aren't eliminated from the playoffs. Technically, I could one day be President. Good luck to both of us.

Your Hail to the Chimp leader.

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