Thursday, December 28, 2006

There Will Be No Encore

Just a quick shout-out to LappDogg, who has moved over from LiveJournal. He tried to do it stealthily, but I made my spot check. Now he has to explain the web address. What's a Tosscobble? Unless he's been throwing paving stones lately.

I got Rome through Netflix. What a great show. It follows the rise of Gaius Julius Caesar and those around him, including two common soldiers. The DVDs are great because there's a pop-up feature that gives background about what's going on and the political ramifications of the characters' actions. I've only watched 4 episodes, and I'm hooked.

Sadly, Gerald Ford died. He was a great man, inventing the automobile and all that. Ha. Seriously, though, I hear he liked watching football and drinking beer. And also nachos.

Your It's a Simpsons Reference, Not Disrespect leader.

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Arias said...

Agreed, Rome is awesome. We got hooked when it aired last year.