Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas! (Please Don't Shoot)

Well, the War Against Christmas is almost over for another year. And while I hate to keep using tactics of the Right, they are just so good. Like pointing out Americans may use a little torture, but in Iraq they just cut people's heads off, so there's nothing wrong with us. Think there's a War on Christmas here in America? Well you can sell a Christmas tree here without the threat of being blown up. Yeah, you American Christians are really oppressed here.

Here's a cute picture of the Hillock.

That was right before a visit from Santa Cthulu, who brings Unspeakable Horror and presents to children on Cephalopodmas Eve!

I hope everyone had an Eldritch Cephalopodmas, and has a Merry Christmas!

Your Tentacled Gift-Giver leader.

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