Monday, December 11, 2006

Hate; Give 'Em What they Want

Since I like torturing myself, I listen to AM1280 The Patriot a lot. Michael Medved is a favorite of mine, since he's a movie critic who isn't told to shut up on issues outside of his professional purview like those whose work he critiques are. Anyway, he was discussing which political candidates for President scare him the most. Al Gore, whom he called "deranged" was his pick, but he also mentioned Barack Obama.

Apparently, Obama's middle name is Hussein. It's a fact that Medved brought up as a "revelation" to Americans. Medved added that people knowing that Obama's middle name is the same as a former Iraqi dictator wouldn't really affect anything. He then managed to mention Barack "Hussein" Obama at least twice more in casual conversation.

Quick; what are the middle names of your senators?

Medved knows that tying Obama to Sadaam Hussein, even if it's only by name, will cause a part of the population to rethink voting for the man. He knows this, and that's why he mentioned Obama's middle name several times for no obvious reason. But that's right-wing radio. Make your opponent look bad by playing on the fears of Americans, and then claim that it's really "The Left" who thinks poorly of America.

Your NMN leader.

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