Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Looming Threat

I knew I started reading PubHouse Dialogues for a reason. Ganesha has received shocking video footage of new Zombie "Rules of Engagement" in their attempt to devour all of Minneapolis and deprive its citizens of beer and nachos.

I saw some of this action on city surveillance while downtown on Saturday night. Apparently someone leaked to the Zombies that I would be confined to the Warehouse District on foot for the evening. With their arch-nemesis otherwise occupied, the Zombies descended on the Cedar-Riverside area.

Here are some more shocking photos the soulless creatures released. Obviously, Jeremy at Afterglide is a state enemy. I will be keeping watch on his site, and you should too. Only together can we stop the Zombie Menace from destroying our upper-lower-middle-class way of life (Excluding Spotty, who lives in Edina).

Also, someone should really tell him that the plural of "cul-de-sac" is "culs-de-sac," not "cul-de-sacs." This lack of knowledge of the French language clearly shows that no d├ętente is possible.

Your Fight the Good Fight leader.

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