Monday, December 31, 2007

All The Swingers Have Turned To Swine

(Title - "New Year's Eve" by Ike Reilly Assassination)

No more Vikings updates. They came back, then T-Jack choked. QB controversy, here we come! (Negative points to the STrib for the "Rocky Mountain Sigh" headline.)

So, it's New Year's Eve. This will be my last post of the year, as I'll be pretty drunk tomorrow night. I'm writing this from the desk at work. Last time I posted from the desk, I won an award. I doubt that will happen today.

I've been thinking of where to go with this blog. "Quo vadimus?", I ask my other selves. I've never been much of a political blogger. I don't know enough about domestic or foreign affairs to write authoritatively, and writing about politicians themselves makes me both angry and bored. I also don't have the patience to create a well defined argument and write it out coherantly. I don't read enough news to be an aggregator, and I don't care enough about any issue to be an issue blogger. (Hell, even Swiftee has the St. Paul School Board and his hate of gays.) Top 11 lists are taken, and I didn't recently have a child. I can't write in a consistent enough voice to relentlessly mock a certain STrib columnist, I'm not a science professor or Canadian schoolteacher, I don't fisk letters to the editor and I don't really like writing about poop. I am also not Evil Bobby. (I think I got everyone there.)

So what to do? I certainly won't stop, since I amuse myself when I go back a read my stuff. When I started my job, I said I wouldn't write about work except in the vaguest of terms (I have to save something for my book when I retire, right?). I've been reading some personal blogs (The ones people make fun of), and I realized that most of the interesting and exciting stuff that happens to me I won't write about here. So what am I left with?

Exactly what I've been doing. Random postings about TV, music, werewolves, zombies, animals, weirdness, religion, right-wing nut-jobs, um, just check out my labels and you'll see. I will be seeking out werewolf and zombie info to post this year, that's for sure.

I will have one big change - I'm going back and identifying all of the songs I use to title my posts. My gift to you in the new year. (Fuck that - That's more boring than handicapping the Party Nominees (and I get the blog I forgot)) 2008 will be a blast. I can just feel it.

What's coming? The 2008 Republican convention. Mediocre Vikings and Twins seasons. Me liveblogging my wedding(?) and The Affiliate's and my honeymoon in London/Paris. I'm sure other fun stff will happen too.

Rest assured, I will continue to be funny when I want, informative when I can, and I will certainly be better than a certain gob that ran to Costa Rica to avoid the Minnesota Winter.

Your Whiskey Turns To Rhymes leader.


Anonymous said...

Groomzilla? It's a concept. We already have Bridezilla.

DAV said...

Dude when you posted this I was somewhere hiking, and away from the office.

You know we have a pretty sweet house here. In addition we have a nice couch and guest bedroom. Come visit.

stargazincdesign said...
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