Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Snow Lay On The Ground (Vikings 7-6)

Can someone send a note to Cities 97 that sunset was 4 hours ago. Then they can end their "Accoustic Sunset," and get back to playing regular versions of generic adult comtemporary rock.

I've calculated that I am paid about $2400 a year to use the bathroom at work, which is absolutely awesome. This bathroom related tidbit is brought about from reading Jeremy at Afterglide. He writes about poop a lot, and it got me thinking. You should also take his test to see if you could become a serial killer. Check the comments, because he obviously is a dangerous fellow, with his wanton disregard for the noble and majestic tapir.

Time for links to stuff.

This guy must love bacon even more than I do. (via KAR)

What are we calling "Mohammed?" (via PZ) Personally, I would like a stuffed emu. I'd name it Emo the emu. I would imagine it would have a voice like Emo Philips, and would make strange observations about life as a flightless bird.

Also from PZ, the War on X-mas(TM) continues here.

Of yeah. The Vikes bi-atched San Fransisco, and are in sole possession of the last wild-card playoff berth, if the playoffs started today. That's 4 straight wins, in case you weren't counting.

Cities 97 just played "Dixie The Tiny Dog," so they can be forgiven for now.

Your Out At The Station leader.

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Wege said...

Three words: Chicago, Washington, Denver.

Hmm. OK, I guess I can see why you're starting to get excited.