Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh, Baby

I am an uncle!

Say "Hi" to Hailey McKenna (Last name withheld by her request).

Here she is with her daddy:

And here's my Mom with her first grandchild:

I'm guessing Dr. SIL would prefer her "just after giving birth" picture remain private, so I'll withhold it, but Hailey looks just like her mom.

And a song for the little girl:

May the world be a better place for your being in it.

Your It's Looking At Me, Make It Stop leader.


Spot said...

Congratulations, Disco Stoo.

DAV said...

You know what this means Stooge: peer pressure. You and the affiliate will be next.

Which is a good thing, really. Kind of looking forward to all that myself.

TwoPutt said...

Once ya got her trained to listen to ya, spoil her rotten. That's what Uncles are for.

But, only after ya got her trained. Discipline is important, for a kid.

Oh - and congratulations. May the world indeed be a better place, due to her.

rew said...

holy crap you look like your brother. I thought that was you in the picture.

DiscordianStooge said...

Nah; He has hair.