Sunday, November 09, 2008

I Am A Fighter Who's Not Made A Fist (Vikings 5-4)

Yes! Tied for first (again). Game balls on defense to an injured Jared Allen and Madieu Williams, who made a tremendous stop on the penultimate play to force a 52 yard field goal attempt, which, of course, was missed. On offense, Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor combined for 337 of Minnesotas 371 offensive yards. Ye-gads!

It was the top on a great day. I got a buck with actual antlers this morning as well. It's a good sized deer, and should be some good eating. I also got to dig around in its guts, which was cool. T. Hussein Mississippifarian should be happy. There are 4 fewer deer roaming Aitkin county today because of my hunting party. Another guy actually cock-blocked one buck. He got the doe as well. So no baby rats deer for them.

I'll have pictures soon.

Your Venison leader.


DAV said...

I'm so sorry I missed it! They didn't have it on in MO

DiscordianStooge said...

They aired the county frog races instead?

DAV said...

Had to go see some show, with da wife. No frogs, but lots of fiber.

Anonymous said...

"another guy actually cock-blocked one buck. He got the doe as well."

HAHAHA! I can picture you goofs out there screwing does and high fiving each other!

"Ohh, COCKBLOCK for Mr. Buck" (High five)

"You da man"


"Bud lights fer everybody!"


Say stool? Let me guess how you get your deer back to the your trunk, right? Right?


DiscordianStooge said...

See folks, we all know swiftee hates cops. Now he calls hunters "goofs."

Actually, I told the other guy he should have let the buck have its fun before shooting it.

Your trunk jokes are hilarious, by the way. Nothing like a 14 year old reference to make folks laugh.

joelr said...

Congrats on the deer; I didn't even see one -- think the chattering of my teeth might have scared them off.

Spot said...

Hmmm. Venison standing rib roast. Hint.