Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Beautiful Faire (Plus Thursday Monkey Blogging)

Today if the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, which leads to some of the best Common Man bits outside of Vikings losses. I love live, on-location radio. I'll be there tomorrow.

Finally, the FDA has approved Plan B. Mostly. Anyway, anyone interested in spreading the news should check out the T-Shirts being sold by Bitch Ph.D.

Damn you, astronomy lobby! I was hoping to have a great line for my kids, and now they will have to do with fewer planets. Also, Dwarf Planet is offensive. "Little Person" planet, please!

And though it's against my nature, here's a cute story about Tiny Monkeys. Also, this will be the only Thursday Monkey Blogging I'll be doing. I'll find another Day Blogging to do next time.

Your Random Update leader.

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