Saturday, August 26, 2006

Late ... So Late ...

For some reason I agreed to work an overnight shift at work, with only a week to go. I guess it was so I could go to the Fair earlier, as well as a couple of weddings tomorrow. And because I'm stupid.

I'm thinking that if I mention Kristin Stinar here again, I'll be the first link in Google when someone decides to search for "kristin stinar blogs" again in the future. (Update 8/30/06: Yep, I am)

Hi, person searching for "kristin stinar blogs." Look around. Drop me an e-mail. If you actually are Kristin Stinar, stroking your ego by googling for yourself (as we all often do), I'm sorry to tell you that no matter how smokin' hot you are, I am engaged to be married. And a lot of your work is sensationalist bull-flop.

Enough of that.

I recently took a certain psychological test for a job with a certain police department. While all of these tests have outrageously wierd questions ("Do you ever hear voices while alone in the dark?" Of course not. Only when I am in indirect sunlight), I was surprised by one of them in particular.

The question was true-false: "A woman's place is in the home." I will add that of the 12 people in the room, 5 of them were women. Now, this question struck me as inherently sexist, considering that it is self-evident that no woman applying for a job believes that her place is in the home. Therefore the question was not meant for women, which means that this test for police officers assumed that no women would be taking it. Now, I don't see sexism everywhere, but let no one assault my feminist credentials completely.

Because I can never pass up a good googlebombing, here's a link to a debunking ofThe Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design by one Jonathan Wells. I'm always willing to help out a good cause.

Finally, I'm planning to put up some of my old writings from various places here, to save them for myself, because I find them amusing. I'll clearly mark them as old, and put the date I originally wrote them. enjoy.

Your Not That Crazy leader.

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Anonymous said...

About Kristin Stinar:

Kristin has left KSTP-TV and is now searching for Usama Bin Laden somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan.

Actually that's a lie.

Kristin really has left KSTP-TV, is living in the Twin Cities and is raising funds for cancer research.