Friday, August 18, 2006

They Make Take Our Swords....


I'm ambivalent on the banning of guns. But this is just ridiculous.

They are certainly among the range of weapons that are used by people. This reduces their availability except for legitimate reasons. I think if it saves one life or permanent disfigurement it is worthwhile. - RUDI CRAWFORD, A & E CONSULTANT

I must say however, they are allowing swords to be kept for "religious, cultural or sporting purposes," which means that the country will be overrun with sword wielding, permanently disfigured Presbyterians and Druids. A result which I am neither strongly for nor against.

For Ollie Ox, and the rest of you who may be college professors or teachers, here's a primer on how to plagiarize. But not really. The comments include more tips, as well as an argument as to whether the statement "The only people allowed to use the word “colour” are those with Indian surnames" is discriminatory. To which the author answers yes, "because I am an evil imperialist pig and consumed by dark forces."

Aren't we all. (via Millard Fillmore's Bathtub)

Finally, for those of you who fear Big Brother, stay out of the library. First things first: I work at the library, but I do not speak for the library.

Now, I met the smokin' hot Kristin Stinar when she came in, and she's even more smokin' hot in person. This doesn't excuse the fact that the majority of our bathrooms have no cameras, not "a few" a she said. I'd also like to ask her if people might feel "uncomfortable" being secretly filmed by, oh, I don't know, an investigative news team.

I agree that signs indicating surveillance are a good idea, if for nothing more than a deterrent. I just wish we could have shown the video of a homeless guy washing his feet in the sink. It's stuff like that we're able to stop with cameras.

Your Braveheart leader.


Smartie said...

"religious, cultural or sporting purposes,"

Sporting? Other than dragons, what the heck do you hunt with a sword?

DiscordianStooge said...

Well, there's beholders, orcs, drow and werewolves, but only if you have a silver sword. Also chocobos.