Monday, August 28, 2006

Vampire Free for Several Months

I'd like to apologize for posting late at night. I'll try not to do it ever again.

I have a link to a new web comic, Ask Dr. Eldritch, which is a weird as the name implies (There's a horny troll, and a horny robot, and a horny interdimensional monster hunter ... you get the idea), but I'd ask you to also check out the main page which links to Dr. Eldritch's day job; advice columnist for those who are beset by ghosts, vampires, goblins and other para-normal, super- or preter-natural problems. Really an invaluable resource, wouldn't you agree?

Usually, school principals are snivelling bald piles of goo, but this one decided to have some balls. I may not agree with dress codes, but if you have one, it had better be enforced.

I don't know if Spotty's dealt with her yet, but Katie has made an incredible discovery; Family vacations are good stuff! She (of course) derides that a study was done on the subject by calling it common sense, but that makes me wonder, Is it really better to write a column about a study than to release the study to begin with? But remember, it's only a real "family" vacation if the parents are a married man and woman. Everything else is detrimental to society, no matter how much fun you think you're having.

Your Pull Up Your Pants leader.

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