Monday, August 14, 2006

Minnesota Sports

The pre-season is about to begin. Of course I'm talking about football. (Or as the Affiliate would say, foobaw!!!) Not to mention that the Twins are in an exciting wild-card race (yes, I just said that).

We'll see how the Vikes are this year. I know all the negativity in this town sucks, but I'll put them at 9-7, with a shot at the playoffs in the dismal NFC Nort'.

Oh, and, um, bad DFL! Endorsement not good idea. Luther and Swanson not able off ballot. Let primary voter decide. Now too late for Kelley. No endorsed candidate ever win.

Sorry. I'm not up for intelligent political analysis after the Affiliate's family reunion.

Your Purple leader.


Smartie said...

First Greenway gets a season ending injury, and now we find out Koren Robinson has been arrested for drunk driving.

Geez couldn't they at least wait for the season to start before they got injured/arrested?

DiscordianStooge said...

Now they'll go 7-9. Stupid drunks.

Jeff Fecke said...

Can we start the "Fire Brad Childress" chants now?