Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Can't See Nothin' Round Here

Despite what the KQ morning show may say, I don't find Michelle Bachmann attractive. So I've decided not to embed this video.

She's a fool. That's not my opinon. She says it several times right in the speech. Now I'm not a fan of Patty Wetterling, and I wish she'd quit making stuff up about Bachmann (There are so many true things to attack), but for god's sake, we can't elect Bachmann. I'm begging you folks north and east of the metro to vote for someone else.

Speaking of campaign ads, KARE11 had a shocking expose last week: There are misleading attack ads being aired! Right during this very newscast!

A better use of those 4 minutes would have been to explain why the ads were misleading. A better idea might be to refuse to air ads that have demonstrable lies in them. But that doesn't make money now, does it? We need more outfits like FactCheck, especially at the local level. Truely non-partisan, they just take statements and ads and explain how they are misleading or right-out lies.

I wish I were bright enough to setsomethng like this up (or at least to have invented YouTube), but since I'm not, I'm just going to bitch a moan like a good Democrat.

Your Truth In Advertising leader.

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