Saturday, October 07, 2006

If You Should Smile When You Hear My Name

OK. The Twins are done. That's OK. Really. I'm not at all depressed by their completely worthless play in the playoffs. Really. At least I've got Gopher foot... um the Vik... um, Gopher hock... damn it!!

I went out drinking with some of my new co-workers last night. I stuck around most of the night to see if anyone would be picking up a hottie for the night. Alas, they all failed. This was new for me, as I'm not the picking up women at bars type, nor are my friends. I used to pick up women at weddings.

The Affiliate has reminded me that the Wild have a chance not to suck this year. Go Hockey!

David Strom (Motto: "I must laugh as loud as possible at everything I say! HA HA HAW!") is back on The Patriot after a brief stint at another local station. Apparently it was cheaper for the Tax Evader's League to pay for a show on AM1280 than a Clear Channel station. Let's hope that 1280 is getting more cash than they were before Strom left to air his virtually unlistenable show. Could this be a ploy to make the Right-Wing Blogger Circle-jerk show sound even more professional?

Your Minnesota Sports leader.


David Strom said...

Thanks for listening!

Joe Erjavec said...

Nothing to do with baseball. However, did you hear that RAW is sick? I just found out a couple of days ago.

(Okay, it does suck that the Twins are out.)

DiscordianStooge said...

I had heard. Any details?

Joe Erjavec said...

Yes, here's from his site.

"Here's a quick history of Robert Anton Wilson's scenario. Bob has post-polio syndrome which has severely damaged his legs and weakened his body. He had a hard fall in June of this year which landed him in the hospital. He has since not been able to walk and is thus confined to his bed (overlooking beautiful Monterey Bay fnord), requiring 24 hour care. Due to Bob's acute weakness in June and July, many of his family and friends felt that Bob could go at any time. He has since rallied slowly with up's and down's, and like most things, his condition seems in the maybe state. Bob has no pain, has a hearty appetite, is in steady good, sharp humor and is surrounded by family and friends. Praise Bob! All hail Eris!"