Monday, October 02, 2006

We're Gonna Win Twins!

OK. The MLB season is over. Let's see how the predictions went.

Twins Win Division: 46 winners.
Tie Breakers: Correct Record: 15 winners.
Detroit Takes 2nd Place: 3 winners.

Final tie-breaker: When will the Twins clinch?

Hmm... "The Twins will drop 2 games before beating the White Sox. Meanwhile, Detroit will be swept, including blowing a 6 run lead in the final game to the worst team to ever play baseball, the Royals, and lose 10-8 in 12 innings."

Damn you, Bob from the Future.

Anyway, since the Vikings seem to not know what offense is (despite playing in an offensive manner), I'm going to revel in the Twins' supremacy for a while.

Also, I fell out of a tree trying to repair a hunting stand on Saturday. I'm OK, though. Not much else is going on. I'm just working and polishing boots and ironing a lot.

Check out "Standoff" on Fox when baseball playoff are over. It's pretty good.

See ya.

Your Falling leader.

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