Friday, August 10, 2007

Be Leavin' All Your Money On the Table When You Go

("Bugger Off" - Unk.)

I now know where Evil Bobby got his name. Seriously, buying me whiskey shots when you have a sober driver is a bastard move. I made it home OK, though.

Apparently, Mark thinks I'm the foremost Minnesota expert on zombies. I'll oblige his need for zombie information, if that makes him happy.

President Bush on the looming zombie threat:

I'm guessing he's talking about this kid:

Turtles is, of course, a zombie slang word for BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINNS!!!!!!!

I'm going to take this moment to thank Attack of the Show. I've said it before, and I'll say it now - I sleep better knowing there is a program called "Attack of the Show" on TV. Morgan Webb still wins my nerd dude's dream contest, though.

For The Affiliate, when she wants to get more cats:

And a link for swiftee, who seems to have an obsession with gays

Sorry for the video heavy post.

Your Too Drunk To Fuck leader.


DAV said...

Yeah today wasn't one of my brighter days.

Really really glad you made it home ok.

DAV said...

Unless you lost another rodent, you better have an excuse for not writting. No excuse means I'll be back with more whiskey.