Friday, August 31, 2007

I Guess I Was Wrong

Apparently, along with being crepuscular, chinchillas are also gender benders. At least mine is. A trip to the vet revealed that Claudette is not a female. So Claudette is now Leon, and we shall hopefully never speak of this again.

There is a show called "Masters of Science Fiction" running on ABC. Each episode is an hour long and based on a story from a great sci-fi writer. I caught "Jerry Was A Man," based on a Robert Heinlein story. The story was a predictable "Can a robot be human?" story, but it had a particularly funny scene. While swearing in the robot, the baliff does the normal truth, whole truth, etc. bit, and adds, "so help you God, Goddess, Buddha, Allah, Great Spirit, Higher Power, Gaia, and the Great Turtle That Holds Up The Universe?" It was the and that I found really amusing.

Checking some other links shows that this show is already done with its 4 episode run. So don't do looking for it on ABC. Maybe the Sci-Fi Channel will re-run them sometime, since I missed the first two.

While working at the State Fair, I was able to catch much of Weird Al's concert. What a great show he puts on. It's funny, and despite numerous costume changes, there isn't any down time, thanks to humorous video clips played between songs. His band is incredibly talented and versatile, which helps when Al's songs go from pop to grunge to rap-rock to gangsta rap. Those guys can play anything.

I was most surprised to see that the show was nearly sold out. The guy has been making goofy parodies forever, and still manages to pack the house. It's great to see a new generation of kids who probably "discovered" Weird Al recently see the master live and in person.

I'm guessing the Affiliate doesn't love me this much.
Which is a good thing.

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For the record, I wanted to go, but had already made other plans.