Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

What will the fetuses-before-people crowd think of next? Oh; this.

Legislation introduced in Tennessee would require death certificates for aborted fetuses, which likely would create public records identifying women who have abortions.

Will spontaneous abortions (read: miscarriages) be included in this. Or does it not count when "god" kills a baby? Are we going to give a Social Security number as soon as a woman is known to be pregnant? How about letting kids who are 20 years and 3 months old drink? We need to credit them for those 9 months in the womb, after all.

I don't imagine there's much chance we can give the pregnant women medical care to take care of those little unborn lives.

The last part of the quote is the key. It will "expose" women who have had abortions. Because they are evil and need to be shown for the harlots they are.

Abortion is a medical procedure that is covered by data privacy rights. This is a bad attempt to get around this. Republicans still value privacy, right? Oh; right.

In lighter news, our urinal cakes are becoming sentient. Not really, but I guess it's a good message.

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