Monday, February 05, 2007

Supersonic Overdrive

Congratulations Colts! Way to cover the spread.

It was Prince, the Purple One himself, who is drawing my ire. Not because of his phallic guitar. Because despite his prolific career of music, he managed to play songs by CCR and The Foo Fighters. The guy has a music library of his own bigger than my dick. He couldn't have trotted out "Erotic City" for The Affiliate and me? It was mediocre, but I guess it didn't totally suck, like most half-time shows.

The commercials, on the other hand, were terrible. Nothing really funny at all. I think the talking turtle made me chuckle a little. What a disappointment.

I was listening to Drudge on the radio (yeah, I don't know why either), and a guy called up all happy because the fans at the Super Bowl were booing Muhsein Muhammad, because "he has a Muslim last name." Now, I always thought Drudge was the guy who dug under the surface for the truth. Of course, this man who knows so much didn't realize they weren't saying "Boo!" they were saying "Boo-urns!" Wait, they were saying, "Moooo-vers!" Seriously, the guys first name is pronounced "Moose-in," and the Bears fans yell "MOOOOOSE!" when he makes a catch. Kind of like when Pooh Richardson played for the Wolves.

Anyway, when the game is the most exciting part of the Super Bowl, it's a sad night.

Your Not So Super leader.


Jeff said...

The beard combover was...okay. And the KFed one might have been, if I didn't already know the punchline.

As for Prince, I was hoping he'd play "Gett Off," just to see how quickly CBS could cut to commercial.

DiscordianStooge said...

Sierra Mist commercials are usually funny, so they don't stick out to me any more. And nothing could have been funnier than the Holiday Hawk anyway.

I did like slapping as the new fist-bump as well.

Mark said...

Bigger than your dick? Quantitatively, this doesn't seem very specific, unless there's some meta dialogue here I've missed that established your brobdingnagian proportions.

DiscordianStooge said...

Oddly, almost everyone who reads this blog has seen my dick. I can't help it if you aren't caught up on common knowledge.

And no, you can't get caught up now. it's too late. Just take your cue from the other kids in the class and try to keep up.