Monday, February 11, 2008

Anywhere's A Better Place To Be

Oh, RepubliCain Party, can't you keep your voters in line? I mean, calling an election before the votes are counted is normal, but now you're doing it to your own people? It's almost like you want McCain to be your nominee now, and not wait to see what the people want. I can't wait to see what they pull in the general election. Swiftee likes to call the Dems the "party of scrubs" because they're all corrupt. I wonder if he has moved to the Constitution Party, now that the RepubliCain Party has shown that it is as dishonest as any other group. (Again)

On the other hand, the RepubliCain Party members have money, and they know how to drink.

Republicans coming to their national convention in September can buy a "pony shot" of 55-year-old single-malt scotch, fresh from a famed 184-year-old distillery in the Scottish Highlands.

For $525 a glass.

Yum. That's only 3 days of work for me. Less, if I can get time away during the overtime extravaganza that will be the RNC. If you can afford it, please, please, please don't put ice in your drink.

I saw "Cloverfield" this weekend. It was pretty good. However, the concession stands should be selling Dramamine before each show. When it comes to shaky cameras, Blair Witch ain't got shit on Cloverfield. So I was having trouble enjoying the monster action, trying not to throw up, when near the end they throw in some strobe lights. I'm pretty sure it was intentional. The monster was cool, though, and despite the nausea I did enjoy the movie, so I can recommend it. Maybe on a smaller screen at home for the weak of stomach.

Back to work today after 6 days off. I hope the city is still there. i haven't really checked.

Your Nauseated leader.


cjschuette said...

Worst part is, all of those creepy Republicans are gonna be here in Minneapolis for their convention this summer!

Cool blog. Love the pseudo-Lovecraftian title. (Man, I have GOT to stop saying "pseudo-Lovecraftian.")

DiscordianStooge said...

I was going or actual Lovcraftian, not pseudo-Lovecraftian, but that's only because I didn't realize the hyphenate "pseudo-Lovecraftian" existed.