Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rock Out With Your Caucus Out: The Aftermath

I attended a part of my caucus. I was sick and very cranky, and when our precinct chair couldn't figure out when our district convention was or how many delegates we had, I had to leave. The Affiliate stayed, got elected district chair and as a delegate, and counted the votes. We had 70 votes, with about 30-35 42 staying past the President ballot. Obama won handily with 40 votes.

Someone managed to convince the chair we should have a Senate straw poll. Non-binding, of course. Franken won, Nelson-Pallmeyer was a close second with Ciresi not even close.(Update: Franken 20 Uncommitted 12 Nelson-Pallmeyer 7 Ciresi 3) I would have voted uncommitted.

My motion to abolish the party endorsement process failed. The Affiliate didn't know what it was about, and I wasn't there to explain it. Basically, I suggested that the primary election should choose our candidate, not party insiders. A shocking motion, I know.

Local caucus recap.

National Super Tuesday recap

Since chances are you'll have no real choice in your Senate candidate, this test is pretty worthless. Take it anyway. Then you can be outraged when a small minority of party insiders get to pick their Earl. (Representatives come in as counts, State Senators viscounts and State Reps barons. You get the metaphor.) I got a three-way tie for Democratic candidates, which is not surprising to me in the least. (Note: The question on energy policy is incomprehensible and simply reading it may cause the appearance of Tsathoggua. Read at your own peril.)

I'm considering contacting someone and offering my services as precinct chair in 2 years. Will Rogers was a funny guy, but it's not funny when the process is so convoluted and disorganized that it scares people away.

Speaking of counts, The Count used to be the guy to go to for election results. This video shows he has found a new pastime.

Your Convincing Victory leader

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