Friday, February 29, 2008

March 1st ... No, Wait ... What Year Is It Again?

It's Leap Day. A very special day. The day we try and reconcile our calendar. Here's how we do it. Not the bibleists understand that.

OK, here's the thing. That's a video of a monkey riding a goat on a tightrope. Seriously. Also, the monkey does a handstand on the goat while it's on the tightrope. Simply awesome.

Everyone's favorite radio bloviator Michael Medved was going after Bill Cunningham for using Barack Obabma's middle name in a speech, calling it a cheap political smear. Which is funny, because I learned Obama's middle name in December of 2006 from ... wait for it ... Michael Medved, who called telling me Obama's middle name a "shocking revelation." I'm glad he has learned to take the high road, especially without pointing out his own trip down the low.

It looks like Mark has blogged himself out. I suppose that could be a good thing. We now all have enough time to go back and read all of those links he's been posting. You'd think that avoiding Drinking Liberally would give someone more time to write, but apparently not.

Speaking of DL, it was a small crowd last night. The inch or so of snow may have had something to do with it. Rumor is that Spotty was afraid to drive in from Cakeville. I can't blame him. He's a dog, and they aren't ever supposed to drive, let alone in slippery snow and ice. Christy (no link by her request) made it, however, and hopefully will continue to attend whether I'm there or not.

And a final blog question: What is with the changing site designs popping up around the ol' 'sphere? Kool-Aid Report went white background and sterile type. Then Jeremy at Afterglide did whatever the hell happened to that place, with more than half of the page taken up by whatever that shit on the right side is. Can we all agree that the majority of the page should be taken up by post content? No, I suppose not. However, I must point out that both Afterglide and KAR are poop-heavy content sites. Maybe that has something to do with the shitty layout. (See what I did there? Yeah, you do.)

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