Friday, February 01, 2008

Tied To Machines That Make Me Be

I asked at DL tonight, but no one seemed interested in the discussion. I am looking for some platform items to propose at the DFL caucus on Tuesday. Leave a comment with any and all ideas. If I agree or don't care, I'll bring it up on Tuesday.

OK, I didn't get anyone into the first round of this, but go vote for the Best Metal Song of All Time, at KAR. You can guess my vote from the title of this post.

Amber is giving fashion advice to men. It's a lengthy post, and one I can't comment on, being that I'm a man who doesn't care about fashion or attracting a woman (anymore). I will add that wearing a police uniform in Downtown Minneapolis is a good fashion move to attract women, providing that you are an actual cop (being arrested is usually not very becoming).

I thought I would respond with my fashion advice for women to attract men.

1. Wear something that accentuates your breasts and/or rear end and/or legs.

That's pretty much it.

Your "I Can Not Live, I Can Not Die" leader.


Jeff Fecke said...

You can always go with my perennial failure: a resolution calling for the abolition of the caucus system, and its replacement by a primary.

Somehow, it never does very well...

Spot said...

Spot is planning on introducing a resolution panning the initiative to make state and local police into immigration agents.

Krissyface said...

I think the best fashion advice I ever got from a guy was "show me yer boobs". I mean, how can you beat that? Just being honest and straightforward. I really respect that.